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Khan Academy: Intro into HTML/CSS

I sorta liked Khan Academy, but at points I found it confusing. HTML was the easier of the two, since the directions were clearer. We made lists, and mine was about Star Wars. We also mad poems and my poem was about THE GREAT HARAMBE. It is the best poem about a meme who is actually our king.  I also made a spin off about my grandmother’s 80th surprise party.


CSS was a bit more complex. It was coloring the words of the coding. I made a colorful Cheetah with a red background. I also did a code for Olaf and other songs.


Overall, I thought it was one of the harder tasks but it was for sure more fun.

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Google Sites (Nate Yergeau is A Boss)

For this post, I worked with Nicholas Marashio, and on Google Sites, we did a computer history website. We worked on Twitter and how they revolutionized communicating through tweeting. There were many interesting things we discovered about Jack Dorsey (the creator) and also how Twitter works. We also reviewed some History of the company   The Site

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Assignment 8 Google Forms

This is my survey

It is a dank survey by me. The most common answers for favorites were Math for subjects.

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Citation Review

In this Assignment, we had to make citations for 7 different websites. I taught the class how to do it for the first 2 citations. It was easy to do the citations.

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Assignment 6 Dreamhouse

For this Blog Post, we needed t make a Dreamroom with the minimum amount of objects of 12 and a price cap on 5,000. The store I used was Target. The items I tried to get were video game/technological types and more funny stuff. This tells

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Portfolio Entry 2 My Trip To Bangkok Thailand

In this project, I had to do it with a partner. I chose Jake Ozcan. The project is about our trip to Bangkok Thailand.

It was fun to make and plan without any budget. We went to the zoo and to some beaches.

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Portfolio Entry 1 Spanish My Vacation

This year, we did a project on were we will go in each Spanish speaking country in Central America. It has foods and capitals I would visit while there.

I had taken my time on finding and talking about the pictures presented. Overall, I thought the project was a lot of fun

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Assignment 4A -THE DEBATE

Why We Should/Shouldn’t Wear School Uniforms

There are a lot of reasons to wear and not wear school uniforms. Here are some of them;

PRO 1: It would be easier to find what your kids would wear for school. Especially in the morning, when kids are perplexed on what to wear. 

PRO 2: Kids will wear appropriate clothing and not inappropriate clothing (Chains, Underwear being exposed, Tattered chains, etc).

CON 1: Doing this won’t remove the misconduct from most schools.

CON 2: It costs money for some parents and in a public school system, not everyone is rich.

My personal opinion is that we shouldn’t get school uniforms because, in my opinion, in a school system what you wear makes you unique. In an environment that people try to make friend, appearance means a lot. And if you say that there is some meaning of whats on the inside of you, what you wear expresses that too. It doesn’t matter if you are an A+ student or your a F student, how you look may express what is on the inside and on the outside. Also, kids clothing doesn’t change their attitude. I may make a school look neater, but there is no change of attitude.

There is a huge difference in a School uniform and “Spirit Wear”. In my opinion, Spirit Wear is if you have a high school football team or any team and you wear those colors, not school uniforms. Schools across the nation do that all the time, and it puts a little bit of fun in your school. Some kids may be wearing the team jerseys, while others wear themed shirts. Then there are the spirit weeks. For example, Monday is Superhero Day, Tuesday is Sports Jersey Day, Wednesday is Crazy Socks Day, Thursday is Hat Day, and Friday is 80’s Day. These would require a donation of one can or dollar that goes to a charity and benefit smaller organizations. With school uniforms, you wouldn’t have this.

Furthermore, I don’t want there to be school uniforms for our schools because were fine as it is.

I read Jake’s Blog and Landon’s Blog.

Assignment 4 – The Debate

Assignment #4- The Debate

By the Clothes That They Were Wearing, When They. “School Uniform Debate and Poll.” School Uniform Debate and Poll. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Oct. 2016.

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Assignment #3 Digital Footprint

This is the Digital Footprint presentation I did with Ethan Gracia. It stars Olivia and Esteban. Olivia the owner of the company goes and does something bad on the internet and Esteban helps her fix it. I watched Donovan Murphy, Landon Pinto, and Ceira Andrews blogs.







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Assignment 2a – Blogging Safely

Blogging safety is very important to remember when creating a blog. Here are some rules to remember.

  • Be nice! Don’t be disrespectful to anyone else, even if they disrespect you first. If they do disrespect you first, tell a teacher or adult.
  • Don’t talk about other people without their permission.
  • Watch your language! You don’t know who is on the other side of the computer.
  • Check your grammar for mistakes.
  • Don’t leak your or anyone else’s info. That is illegal.
  • Don’t use your last names please!

Thanks for listening to my list. It is very important! Blog safely.

Blogs I used.

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